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Picture from this championship

When the World Formula One championship 1983 had its race in Great Britain, the visitors can saw also race of old but powerful Can-Am cars from the beginnings of 70 years.

Series instigators David Piper and Mike Knight have assembled a fine field of cars from the period, with one or two famous names in the driving seats, among them Dickie Attwood, former (among other things) Lotus and BRM grand prix driver.

The decade from the mid-1960s was a golden era for sportscar racing not in Europe only, but also in the USA, where the megabuck Canadian-American Challenge fuelled the 'big is beautiful' mentality, while in Europe where the equivalent Interserie was a major spectacle, if more of an acquired taste.

Founded ten yean ago, the International Supersports Cup brings together the big bangen from both sides of the Atlantic, the fleet Group 6 and Group 4 machines which populated the classic Le Mans 24 houn, and the gruelling endurance events at Spa Francorchamps, Nurburgrings 14 mile Nordschleife, Brands Hatch, and the European 2 litre Championship.

Nothing prepares you for your first sight of Can-Am or Intenerie cars. Free from regulations to suppress power and speed, these huge, brash 200-mph powenledges make the ground shake and take big balls to tame. Stan like Denny Hulme, Bruce McLaren and Dan Gurney revelled in the mighty V8 can until the awesome 1000 bhp plus Ponche 917/10 turbopanzers made them look puny and rendered them obsolete overnight

(taken from programs of Donington and Brands Hatch events)

The grid of the thousands horsepower super cars is complemented by sportscars from earlier group B6. This is why we can see big McLaren M8F, Shadow, Lola T222 or BRM P154 with small but fast Chevron B19, Martin or Osella. Supersports Cup belongs to one of the most attractive championship for not-present car in the World. Another interesting events are Canadian American Historic Challenge for the CanAm cars in America. I hope I will be able to present here the results of every race, but for the past races I need to help with finding results and also every year events.

Presented by ISR Roman Krejci.