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Picture from this championship

In the beginnings of 70´years was based the Czechoslovakian sportscar championship. At first it was for group B5 cars. The major part of the field were cars based on some types of Czech mark Skoda. But very fast the first prototypes were raced here. First of all it was a sport prototype of this mark, of Skoda, namely Skoda Spider 1500 (or Skoda Spider I). This car was special made for this national championship and raced by works team and driven by Jaroslav Bobek. He took the championship in 1971 with older car from Skoda. In the next year two another spiders were shown in this serie. The producer was Metalex (=MTX). It is a small but the best racing company in Czech Republic only for car racing. They produced many formula tapes (MTX 1-01, 1-02, ..1-10) in hundreds pieces. Their first sport prototype was called MTX 2-01. The drivers were Karel Jilek, Vaclav Bervid senior and Smid. But in the final standing Jaroslav Bobek was the best. On the second place finished Halada on BMW 2002. The best MTX spider was on the fourth place ahead of Alfa Romeo with Tvrdy on the wheel. In 1973 MTX worked on third spider. The battle of the title was very fascinated. When the last race was ran, there were three drivers who could be the champion, Bobek, Jilek and Halada. Bobek had troubles with engine in training. The works team had to speculate and changed the engine from their second car (Skoda 120-1800 OHC driven by Horsak, the winner of the first race in this season). At the first corner led Bobek. Jilek fought with Halada. Horsak with other engine raced on the fourth place. This situation continued to the fifth lap, when the engine of Bobek Skoda Spider lost power. He was out of the battle of title. But Halada led ahead of Jilek. In 18th lap one of outsiders, Placek (Lada 2101) retarded Halada in one curve, Jilek took his position and ran at the first position to the end of the race, to 30th lap. It was the first title for MTX.

Bobek raced very well in the next season, his car was upgraded and he became the champion once again. Not even new BMW 2000 Alpina engine in Jilek MTX 2-01 could help. But to tell the truth, Jilek could be the winner, but in the last curve of the final race of the season, Bobek sent Jilek out of the track and Jilek couldn't continued. The shade stayed with Jilek also in the next year. He was very quick, but in the final standing he rest behind. Skoda presented their new prototype. It was Skoda 722 Spider II with two litres engine. Bobek who took the championships title drove it. But we could see more sports prototypes here. For example two beautiful cars from Brno, Roots - Moskvitch, Gazela B5 driven by Zdenek Valek, we will heard about him especially in group B6 championship after some years. In 1976 was finally the quickest man Velimsky on Porsche 911 Carrera. The latest spider from Skoda didn't race, because of terrible crash in hill climb race Hlasna Treban. But the news was two spiders from Slovakia called Giom prepared by Nemec. In next season a new group B6 saw the light of the World. In this championship were raced for example MTX 2-01, Brixner, Giom 3 and VM 02 (construed by Mihalik, long time the top of Czechoslovakian sportscars racing). The best driver was Miran Velkoborsky (MTX 2-01 BMW), known by his experiences in INTERSERIE Coupe.

The group A5 was removed from this championship and only sportscar of group B6 could be started. 22 drivers were in entry, but only 12 of them scored. Because of the 1300 ccm limit we could see not so quick cars as before, but the field was most aligned. MTX prepared five new cars (MTX 2-03) and many self-constructions were made there. The quickest driver was Miroslav Adamek, another Czech driver known from INTERSERIE and one World Sports Prototypes Championship participation. He won all three championships for group B6 that were raced, and so all the seasons in national hill climb championships. He is still the best sportscar racer we have ever had. The Metalex cars were aligned beyond him. The last season was given in 1980. Adamek was still the best, but even quicker was Jaroslav Surowka (MTX 2-03 Ford Cosworth). He won all the races he completed! It was a shame in final lap of the last race, the rear tire was blown and Surowka couldn't finish this very well done race. In the final scratch he was on the third place beyond Adamek and Zdenek Valek.

The only one sportscar championship in Czechoslovakia was cancelled. The beautiful prototypes continued the racing in hill climb races. But it is another story. Story about new racers, Miroslav Srachta Jiri Svec, Viktor Mihalik, Jan Vonka, Julius Koncek... They made Czechoslovakian hill climb races more attractively. But we cannot see much new prototypes, they raced usually on the old MTX 2-03 or self-construction prototypes (JSK, VM, JUKO...). In the 1995 season one of the best Czech driver, Jiri Micanek, bought Lucchini P3-95M BMW and became the king in sportscars not only in national races but also in Europe Hill Climb Championship. In next year Josef Krecmer followed him. His Lucchini P3-96M BMW is able to beat Micanek. He is also participated in Europe Hill Climb Championship. Who will be faster, Micanek or Krecmer? Difficult to say, better to look at the results of Europe Championship!

Presented by ISR Roman Krejci.