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Picture from this championship

"The cars in REAB Sportscar Cup gives you a hint of what it looked like at Daytona and other classical Raceways ten years ago. In REAB Sportscar Cup you can see extreme cars like Spice, Argo, Tiga and Lola with up to 550 bhp. The REAB Sportscar Cup came out of the Sports 2000 series. The cars were built to take much more powerful engines than the 130 hp 2-litre Ford-engines they had to have in The Sports 2000 series. And with more power they became much more fun to drive. The REAB Sportscar Cup started in 1989 and has had over 20 starting cars in some races. The cars in REAB Sportscar Cup have to follow some weight- and powerrules, but still they are among the fastest cars you can see racing in Sweden." This is the characterisation directly from Sweden. I think it is very good, more information you can find on REAB pages.

Presented by ISR Roman Krejci.